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April 20, 2011 Leave a comment

After the super succesful music of bas ek pal,onir comes bac wid I AM…just lyk bas ek pal,i am also comes wid a theme whch can hold some mesmerising n soulful tunes,anyway lets c whethr the composers r succesful in doin dat
The album has amit trivedi,vivek philip and rajiv bhalla as composers…(wid amit in the list,the expectations grow much higher)The first track in the list is BAANGUR composed by amit trivedi…a typical amit thing,bt it ends up too typical!even though amit strikes the right chords again,we hav had much songs of dis kind from the same composer b4..wel,datz the nly problem i found,the singers(mame khan and kavita seth) hav done an excellent job and the arrangements r perfct 4 such a song(even though dat reminds me of many earlier songs by amit)…movin on to the next track,its named ISI BAAT PE by amit trivedi..and the singer is surprisingly,KK..and the result is good..he sings amits tune wid all his heart n soul n amit has come up wid a very addictive tune 4 him also…and its somewat lyk a song by pritam or vivek philip if we just see the base tune only,bt the background is amit trivedish(the term amit trivedish is being used by many ppl nw,so am i :D)and at times u feel lyk u heard the same background in the previous song!..stil,a gr8 song,i say…
The 3rd composition by amit trivedi is SAAYE,a song boasting highly of its singers,rekha bharadwaj and the agnee guy,mohan…and the songs turns out to be of a kind,whch wil be lykd by only a class of ppl…everythng abt the song is perfectly placed and I believe its one of the mst quality outings in the recent days,bt frankly,i dnt enjoy such kinda songs and cnt connect 2 it simply…:-)
Now vivek philip takes the composers seat…hez one of dos composers who has produced some realy nyc songs and is stil 2 get recognition among the masses..and dis tym also he delivers…a beautiful romantic track sung by karthik n his voice gives it an extra sweetness.,.go 4 it if u r a lover of romantic pop tracks:-)
The last two tracks r by the debutant composer,rajiv bhalla..and first of dem is KK’s BHOJHAL SE..and dis track carries an inherent pain wid it…a track dat slowly starts 2 burn ur heart..and I feel,kk is the perfect choice for dis song…and I hav 2 say,i’m deeply impressd by the guy,rajiv bhalla,..and his next track is WUNDOO YEREDU,a techno based highly modulated for the club..and in dis track,rajiv proves dat hez nt just a slow song guy…nw i’m in waiting mode for a complete film album by him..
Btw wid dat track,the album ends…and I wud recommend it 2 anyone who wants their music 2 be a heart affair…wel,i startd the review by statin abt bas ek pal..and wat I understand is,i am stands several hundred feets below bas ek pal,and the difference is of course mithoons absence and the absence of a chartbustr song lyk tere bin or bas ek pal-title track in iam…anyway,standing apart,i am is a really decent n nyc album and I hope dat it turns out to be succesful..:-)

tum bin ye dil-zokkomon

April 20, 2011 Leave a comment

the soundtrack of zokkomon is not making any sort of waves…bt der is one song dat stands out in it(atleast according to me),the soft and melodious tum bin ye dil…there r two things dat make dis song special,shaans soulful singing and the charming orchestration at the background….shaans singing reminded me of the perfectn 2 which kk sang dil kyun ye mera from kites,..and SEL has been quite innovative and classy in their orchestratn since my name is khan, dis track,the notes playing in the background durin the lines ‘kab se hoon,akela yahaan’ just take u away to anothr world!truly awesome!hatz off to everyone behind the song:-)